28 July 2017


Advertise your business on our new Home Run fence

Vikings Baseball Club has purchased a new home run fence, It looks fantastic and the club is excited to offer our local business owners to jump on board and support our club.

Currently the club has had 75 meters of HR fence made and there's an opportunity for your business to be advertised on the next 75 meters required to complete the fence
What the Tuggeranong Vikings Baseball Club would like to offer is a 5 meter section of the fence to advertise your business at a low cost of $300. Your business will be apart of Vikings Baseball for many years to come.

All that's required is to contact the club on vikingsbaseballtuggeranong@gmail.com and make the commitment of supporting your Vikings Baseball Club

08 July 2017

Vikings Baseball Committee meeting

Hi all

Our next committee meeting has been booked in for 7pm on Tuesday 25th of July at 7pm and Vikings Erindale in the Zoo.