14 December 2016

12 December 2016

Vikings v Bandits Tuesday

Team list 
Joe, Caleb, Sean, Cam, Chad, Ryan, Erroll, Jordan, Liam, Zac, Nick, 

01 December 2016

Umpires for this weekend

Looking for two volunteers for 4th Grade 3pm Saturday
4th Grade
5th Grade
Plate: A. Von Bridges
Line: P. Fazzone
Plate: Z. Rauter
Line: L. Sherer

All games are at Vikings Park this Saturday

30 November 2016

Vikings Juniors - Weekend "Round Up"(26 Nov)

In an exciting game, the u7s drew with the Bears 13-13. The Bears were short a few players so two Vikings (Bentley & Hamish) showed good sportsmanship volunteering to play with the other team to even things out. There were some big hits, and whilst some of the fielding didn't quite get there, in terms of execution Coach Jeremy was pleased with the efforts to get the ball where it needed to be. Playing for the opposition, Hamish had a great game and was awarded the 'player of the week' award.

The u9s chalked up a 5 run win over the Rebels. Coach Gordon was pleased to see the good running between the bases with the highlight of the game being the great batting performance of the players. The teams 'Spirit of the Game Award' this week went to Noah Schitskg - well done Noah.

 The u11s let the first couple of innings get away from them and with a batting performance not as consistent as in previous weeks , the team was on the wrong side of a 9-4 score line. On the positive side, Coach Mac and Coach Simon were really impressed with the fielding in the last couple of innings. The team has been practicing hard for the for the changeover from machine to player pitch.

 u13s played well and came away with a 14-1 win over Bears Red. Good pitching by Toby & Hector was backed up with some great team hitting highlighted by Khayne's triple and home run.

u15s found a way to get over the top of the Bears. Down 4-6 at the start of the bottom of the last inning with 2 out, the team produced some good hitting and great baserunning to fight back and record there third win of the season - a 7-6 walk off win!!!

Well done on the season so far to all the Vikings Juniors teams. With three games until the mid season break I thought a bit of information on hitting might be helpful.....

A good swing in baseball doesn’t need to be a powerful swing, especially when a player is new to the game. Getting a player to rotate their hips properly is the key to driving the ball, not the power of the swing. Have players start out in there batting stance and go through their hip rotation in slow motion — sometimes without even a bat in hand — before building up to full speed. Then move to the feet, making sure players pivot their back foot properly and in conjunction with their hips, gradually increasing the tempo with each cut. Then focus on the front foot, encouraging the player to land on the ball of his instep before dropping their heel as the hips begin to rotate through the ball. Focusing just on the footwork of a swing can help eliminate a bad habit many young players acquire: stepping away from home plate. (adopted from “A good swing doesn’t need to be a powerful swing”, David Wilson Bullpen Baseball Academy Lake Elsinore, Calif, GameChanger)

Erni, Club Coach

14 November 2016

Seniors Standings after 6 Weeks


Seniors Standings after 6 Weeks


Vikings Juniors - Weekend "Round Up"(12 Nov)

A great weekend for Vikings with four of our five Junior teams getting a win!!! (and five of our six senior teams scoring wins over the Bears)

Now for the “Junior Wrap”, this week we start with our u9’s who had an impressive win on the weekend 28-16 against the Bear Black side. The team continues to improve each week in both batting and fielding to record consecutive wins. A special thanks to Sam H, Hamish and Bentley for backing up from their U7’s game and helping out. They did their U7 coach proud. The spirit award went to Aiden Smith who took his first catch for the season, caught the ball well at first base and continues to improve with his batting.

The u11’s had a great day out winning 9-7. Coach Mac and Coach Simon were impressed by the teams batting & fielding and are pleased that the hard work being put into practice is starting to pay off on game day. The team has a number of first time players and its great to see the level of improvement from the beginning of the season.

U13s won 23-4 off the back of some good pitching from Hector. All players did really well at the plate and everyone had a hit or a walk. Well done to Ethan who received the game ball for his efforts of 4 hits from 4 appearances at the plate – his first bunch of 4 hits.

U15s had a tough day on the diamond to record a 21-0 loss to the Bears. A promising start by Jeye Turner on the mound despite best efforts, wasn’t backed up in the field. What could have been a 1-0 score after two innings turned into the team being behind12-0. The lesson learned this week was that you have to back up your pitchers by playing catch well otherwise the down side is you don’t get a lot of at bats. The team will regroup at practice and prepare to take on the Rebels on Wednesday. Player of the day went to Flynn O'Connor for his diligent backing up and relay throws throughout the game and his quality at bat. First season player Ryan Jones continue to improve in his infield play and catchers Corey Foley and Aaron Kon worked hard and did good jobs behind the dish. 

The u7's continue to play better each week and scored plenty of runs to win on Saturday. Coach Jeremy is enjoying coaching the kids and is loving the enthusiasm being shown by his players and parents.

Have a great week!

Erni, Club Coach

09 November 2016

Vikings Juniors - Weekend "Round Up"(5 Nov)

Vikings Juniors - Weekend "Round Up"(5 Nov)

Hi, I thought it might be good to start to share on the Club Blog how are junior teams went on the weekend and include any team based messages for the week ahead. I'm hoping to make this a regular thing.

 First up, thanks to Cathy, Sharon and the Committee for distributing the 'replacement' junior playing tops. Our Vikings teams all looked the part in a not as bright but much more Vikings Red top. For anyone waiting for a hat, the latest order has arrived and will be available from the Canteen at Home games. If coaches know a player is waiting on a hat, please email the club (vikingsbaseballtuggeranong@gmail.com) and we'll try and organise to have it at either your next practice or at the game on Saturday. Now for the "weekend wrap":

 #  u7s had a good game against the Indians on Saturday scoring lots of runs and having fun on the field. Jeremy asked me to mention that the team has training on Wednesday at VP from 5.30 till 6.15; 
#  u9s played well to score a 26-18 win over Indians. Coach Gordon and Coach Joe are seeing big improvements each week and are encouraging the players to keep working on catching & throwing and learning the rules as the team prepared to move from the T to machine pitch. Team training is on Wednesday;
#  u13s played solidly for most of the game but got chased down in the final inning for a 1 run loss. You have a midweek game on Wednesday - good luck. As you learnt on the weekend you only need to be in front by one to win.....
#  u15s played its best game of the season in a much improved 6-4 loss to Eagles. The team played good catch, pitchers threw first pitch strikes and the batters made consistent contact at the plate. That gave the team the chance to run the bases and put pressure on the opposition, which we did well nearly taking the win off the second placed side. Training this week Wed & Fri 4.45 till 6.15.
#  u11s had a close 11-8 loss to Rebels White. The team is getting close to switching from machine pitch to player pitch. They are practising hard getting ready for the switch. Coach Mac & Coach Simon are getting back to me on about your game. I'll add your "wrap" as soon as its in.

 I also wanted to mention that the Club was invited to participate in a "Sports Gala" at Bonython Primary School last Friday (4Nov). We had over 100 K - Yr 6 kids participate and try their hand at baseball. They tried hitting, throwing and learnt about the equipment used to play the game. A big thank you to Karen Gill for inviting Vikings to be part of the day and Zac Rauter for his help running the drill and games.

Erni, Club Coach

29 October 2016

It's HALLOWEEN!!!!!! Hard 90's Has been Cancelled

It's HALLOWEEN!!!!!!  Hard 90's Has been Cancelled

Vikings Baseball club would like to thank all Coaches and Players for Participating in this Years Hard 90's 

24 October 2016

1st Grade play Wednesday night vs Academy at 7pm

1st Grade play Wednesday night vs Academy at 7pm.
Squad for Wednesday Night be there by 6pm
Chad, Tilly, Caleb, Sean, Joe, Jordan, Liam, Errol, Phelps, Graham, Aaron, Ryan, Zac, Leigh

Help needed - Senior Coaches

Help needed - Senior Coaches

A promising start has been made to the season by 4ths (3 wins form 3
games) and 2nds (2 wins from 3 games). As Club Coach I have been managing both sides as well coaching our great bunch of u15 kids and coordinating the clubs weekday training. Wayne Duroux has been brilliant assisting me in both grades as well as playing 5ths. 
Basically, I need the help of a capable, enthusiastic Team Manager and or Coach Assisting for both 4th & 2nds. If you can take on the role of managing or assisting one of these sides, please contact me on erni.rauter1@bigpond.com
  or Brad Sherer (1st Grade Coach) or Mark Dawes (President) on vikingsbaseballtuggeranong@gmail.com
  or this week at senior practice.

This week:- 1st Grade play the Academy on Wednesday night (7pm Narra
2) and we have senior training Tuesday & Thursday 4.45 - 7.00 to prepare for our first home games this weekend vs Indians.

At this early stage of the competition I'd like to take this opportunity to recognise the positive start by all our Vikings teams and also the great work the Committee is doing to ensure we have success both on and off the field in season 2016/17.

Club Coach

21 October 2016

This Weekends Team List Updated

Vikings Seniors Teams 22/23 Oct 2016

1st Grade 

2nd Grade 

3rd Grade 

4th Grade 

5th Grade 


Chad Scheliz 

Cam Tilly

Caleb Albrecht

Joe Jensen 

Jordan Coffey

Liam Sherer

Errol Henley

Ryan Page

Tom Phelps


Leigh Soding

Aaron Duroux

Nick Graham

Mark Dawes

Lachie Seidel

Beau Lessard

Blake Sherer

Kyle Doherty

Luke Wright

Shane Quigg


Aaron Duroux

Simon Visser


Shane Quigg

Josh Campbell

Travis Duroux 

Dave Assenhiem

Tim Keed

Brent Amundson


Patrick Fazzone 

Jason Tilly

Luke Wright

Brent Amundson

Kyle Doherty 

Kyle Muench

Tim Keed

Blake Sherer

Wayne Duroux

Simon McDonald

Luke McDonald

Phil Vong

Nathan Monk

Aaron Sharp

Harley Tapa

Troy Harris-McMillan

Mark McGuire

Wayne Duroux

Austin White 

Max Mayberry

Jason Tilly


Claire Stephens

Ashleigh Stephens

Gemma Russell

Cecilia Tran

Erin Sneep

Kirilyn Allsop

Jess Montagne


Kristol Pyke

Emily Galgandonk 

Tarryn Guinard

18 October 2016

1st Grade Walk Off

 1st Grade had a brilliant 12-11 walk off win tonight against the Bears
4 pitchers used, 2 home runs hit, two rain delays
A great team batting effort in the last saw us score 4 to take the win

12 October 2016

Juniors start this Saturday 15/Oct

Our Junior competition commences this Saturday, 15 October. Please check the start time and location for your game. If you have any questions please contact your coaches. The complete draw is available on the ACTBA site http://act.baseball.com.au/ 

U7 - 9am (60 mins) - T-ball Narrabundah ball park.

U9 - 10:30am (70 mins) - Little League, 
Narrabundah ball park (machine pitch)

U11 - 9am (80 mins) - Little League Minor, 
Narrabundah ball park - Mid week 5:45pm (player pitch)

U13 - 10:30am (90 mins) - Little League Major, 
Narrabundah ball park - Mid week 5:45 

U15 - 8:35am (100 mins) - Junior League, 
Home grounds - Mid week 5:45pm

URGENT - Junior Playing Tops 

To all Junior Vikings Baseball Players and Parents
Unfortunately the playing tops / jerseys won’t be available for collection today. There has been a delay in the shipping.
Pick up time on Friday from Viking Park will be from 4.00 pm – 7.00 pm. If you are unable to pick up during this time, please let me know.
Apologies for any inconvenience caused.
Uniform Coordinator

07 October 2016


1st Grade 3:00pm Sunday 2nd Grade 12:30 Sunday 3rd Grade 10am Sunday 4th Grade 3:15pm Saturday 5th Grade 1pm Saturday
Manager: Brad Sherer Manager: Erni Rauter Manager: Simon Visser Manager: Erni Rauter Manager: Phil Vong
Scorer: Dyani Sherer Scorer: Dyani Sherer Scorer: Nanette Duroux Scorer: Sam Bainrot Scorer: Donna Sharp
1 Chad Scheliz  1 Leigh Soding 1 1 Aaron Duroux 1 Tom Phelps 1 Tristan Hawkins
2 Cam Tilly 2 Aaron Duroux 2 Simon Visser 2 Lachie Seidel 2 Nathan Monk
3 Brad Inglis) 3 Nick Graham 3 Eppa 3 Brent Amundson 3 Aaron Sharp
4 Liam Sherer  4 Mark Dawes 4 Shane Quigg 4 Patrick Fazzone 4 Harley Tapa
5 Sean Guinard  5 Blake Sherer 5 Josh Campbell 5 Aaron Van Bridges 5 Troy Harris-McMillan
6 Caleb Albrecht 6 Zac Rauter  6 Travis Duroux  6 Jason Tilly 6 Mark McGuire
7 Ryan Page 7 Lachie Seidel 7 Dave Assenhiem 7 Kyle Doherty  7 Wayne Duroux
8 Joe Jensen  8 Simon Vissr 8 Brent Amundson 8 Akil Rollings 8 Austin White 
9 Jordan Coffey 9 Tom Phelps 9 David Watts 9 David Watts 9 Phil Vong
Blake Sherer (Bench) 10 Kyle Doherty   10 Kyle Muench 10 Max Mayberry
Tom Phelps (Bench)     Wayne Duroux  
Lachie Seidel (Bench)     Phil Vong  

04 October 2016

Update U9 Training

U9 Training - Wednesday 5.30 to 6.15
A slight change to u9 practice, Andrew Ryan will be running practice from 5.30 to 6.15 tomorrow (Wednesday 5/10). Come down, meet your team mates and try the pitching machine. Season starts on Saturday 15th.

03 October 2016


VIKINGS U9s – Team Message
Hi all
I just wanted to write up a few quick lines about myself and what I think is the way ahead for the baseball season. My name is Gordon Smith and I am the father of Aiden Smith who is playing for the Vikings U9 team. Aiden played in the Vikings U8 team last season and I helped out as the first base coach and my partner Leanne scored. We all enjoyed the season so much when the coaching position became available I jumped at the chance to be more involved with the sport.
Unfortunately I won’t be able to take up the position of coach until the second game due to prior commitments, however Ryan Andrews has agreed to step in for the moment and run the team. Thanks Ryan, you’re a legend.
As one of the key tasks as a coach I am looking for assistance/volunteers during the year from parents in areas of the game such as regular “pitch machine” operator, bench coach, scorer and base coaches to encourage and mentor the kids and to make the game enjoyable for everyone.
I encourage parents to provide ideas/feedback to myself and I will provide my contact details via email.
I am looking to also have a separate training session for the kids during the week to improve their knowledge/skills of the game. This training is not mandatory for the kids to attend, but it would be good to encourage team spirit and enhance camaraderie and hopefully lifelong friendships.
However, for the moment Erni Rauter (Club Coach) is currently running training sessions at Viking Park on Mondays at 4.30pm, if you want your child to attend and learn new skills. The sessions last about an hour and well worth attending.
I am also keen to start a type of fruit roster for the kids to have oranges after the game. Please let me know if you would like to participate and I will put a roster together.
Thanks again and I look forward to meeting all the parents soon.

Hard 90's Has Been Cancelled

Tonight's Hard 90 Juior Devlopment Training is cancelled due to the weather/field.

Reminder:- Junior team practices are Wednesday. U15 & u11 from 4.30 - 5.45;  u13s from 5 - 6. Team practice for u7s & u9s is next Monday 4.30 - 5.45 as part of "Hard 90".

01 October 2016

Seniors Training tomorrow 10-1230

Seniors training this Sunday from 10-1230, lets get down to Viking Park. Session only a week away against the Bears @ Majura

29 September 2016

Due to Weather limited Training Tonight

Due to Weather limited Training Tonight
Limited training session tonight due to field condition, So in saying that batting cage available and the outfield should be available for a light throw. Would like players to remain off the infield so that we don't damage the new growth coming through.

27 September 2016

URGENT - We need you!

Vikings Baseball Needs Your Help by Hosting an Import Player
The Vikings Baseball club currently have 2 International Baseballers arriving early October to be a part of our First Grade Team and help with our Junior Development, one player has already been placed with a host Family, whilst our host family for our second player have had to pull out. 

So with two players on their way and only one host family you can understand that as a club we need your help. The duration of their stay would be from approx. October through to March 2017.

The Committee understands that hosting an import player is a lot to ask of just one family so we are open to the idea of splitting the hosting between 2 or 3 families with a minimum of 8 weeks in one home, so as to broaden the players experience and not to place as much onus on families.

The benefits for you and your family are many, if you have a son or daughter who plays baseball the mentorship will be invaluable. Import players have played competitive baseball for most of their life and have baseball and life skills and knowledge that can have many benefits and also friendships and bonds that will last many years to come.

Import players are introduced to the Club and potential Host Families and are required to sign an Agreement with Vikings Baseball before they arrive in Canberra. Host families provide a bedroom with a bed and easy access to a bathroom facilities, access to your home with their own keys and to provide meals as required. Beyond that we only ask that you provide a welcoming environment and simply make them feel like they are at home. Of course if this is something you feel would be helpful or assist you in hosting a Vikings Import Player the Committee is happy to discuss and details added to the arrangement between the player, host family and the Club for their stay.

The Club assist the player in pursuing employment opportunities and has a car which is available to the player drive in the Canberra area. Whether employed of not, the player is expected to make a financial contribution to their Host Families for costs incurred during their stay. Also, the Club this year is in a position to assist Host Families with some financial costs incurred of hosting if you would like more information on this please contact our President Mark Dawes on email: vikingsbaseballtuggeranong@gmail.com

Seniors Training Tonight

Seniors training is on every Tuesday and Thursday
4:45 to 6pm
Don't forget to have your Rego form hand in as the club will be nominating teams for this season.

Under 17's Training has moved to Wednesday afternoons

21 September 2016

Today's Training at Viking park Cancelled

All Junior training at Viking Park today have been Cancelled

U15 and U17 will have a training session this Saturday  the 24th from 11 to 1230

Seniors will train also this Saturday from 1 to 3pm

20 September 2016

Under 13 Training Update

Due to the high likelihood of rain, 

training for the Under 13’s will be postponed on Wednesday 21 September.

We will run a voluntary training session in the last week of school holidays to kick off the season for those who are available

 on Wednesday 5 October. 

Normal training will commence Wednesday 12 October with our first game still scheduled for Saturday, 15 October.

19 September 2016

"Hard 90" Today 4:30 @ Viking Park

"Hard 90"
Junior Development

The "Hard 90" Development Training is a step-by-step and age group specific sessions with the aim of maximising abilities to contribute to Vikings team play. Its focus is on fun but challenging drills and it will cover warming up, throwing drills; fielding work; outfield play; baserunning; situational hitting & positional play. 

When: Preseason junior development training will start 4.30 – 5.45 Monday 5 September at our Viking park diamond, and run on each Monday during September (12/9, 19/9, 26/9). Our junior coaches are getting themselves organised. Details of team practices will be posted on the Club Blog in the coming weeks. 
Who: The training is open to all Vikings juniors, potential players who would like to ‘come & try’ and parents who want to brush up on coaching approaches. 
Cost: No cost, training is provided for the benefit of Club players. 
Wear: Vikings training top or red shirt, grey baseball pants or black shorts, Vikings hat, baseball cleats or runners, protector, Vikings hoodie or jacket, drink bottle
Season start: The first pitch of the junior season is Saturday 15 October. 

If you have any questions before the first practice on 5 September, drop an email at vikingsbaseballtuggeranong@gmail.com
Erni Rauter
Club Coach – Player & Coach Development

16 September 2016

Seniors Training Tomorrow 1-3pm

Seniors Training this Saturday 1-3pm 
Don't forget rego forms are available from the Canteen

15 September 2016

Training Cancelled

Due to the weather training @ Vinking Park has been cancelled.  
There will be Training this Saturday from 1 - 3pm 

14 September 2016

Training Rained Out

Rained out - U15 Practice tonight is cancelled due to the weather. Next practice is Wednesday 21/9 4:30 to 6:00. If you have any questions about training or the coming season don't hesitate to give Coach Erni a call on 0421 286 475 

p.s. Vikings 'Hard 90' Junior Development Training is on every Monday 4:30 to 5:45 at VP - you can never do too much baseball......

13 September 2016

Under 11 Coaches needed

U11's  Coach
If you are interested in assisting and or taking on the role of Head coach of the 11U Vikings Baseball Team this year please contact. Club Coach Erni Rauter on 0421 286 475 / erni.rauter1@bigpond.com 

U13 Training Cancelled

Wednesday's U13 Training Cancelled

“The Under 13’s first training session scheduled for Wednesday 14 September is cancelled due to the high probability of rain across the day.
We will therefore commence training next Wednesday, 21 September prior to school holidays”

08 September 2016

Tuggeranong Vikings Baseball Club Registration

Tuggeranong Vikings Baseball Club Registration

Registration is now open for ALL JUNIOR AND SENIOR PLAYERS. Please make an effort to register as soon as possible, as it assists the club with team nominations.
Sign up with Vikings Baseball at Viking Park, Wanniassa
Saturday 10th September, 1pm – 3pm

2016/2017 REGO FORM
If you can, please print and complete the form to bring along on Registration Day - this will speed up your registration process significantly.
If you are having any difficulties, please send an email describing your problem to

10AM TO 12PM @ Vikings Park
Come on down and get your pre season workouts in.