09 November 2016

Vikings Juniors - Weekend "Round Up"(5 Nov)

Vikings Juniors - Weekend "Round Up"(5 Nov)

Hi, I thought it might be good to start to share on the Club Blog how are junior teams went on the weekend and include any team based messages for the week ahead. I'm hoping to make this a regular thing.

 First up, thanks to Cathy, Sharon and the Committee for distributing the 'replacement' junior playing tops. Our Vikings teams all looked the part in a not as bright but much more Vikings Red top. For anyone waiting for a hat, the latest order has arrived and will be available from the Canteen at Home games. If coaches know a player is waiting on a hat, please email the club (vikingsbaseballtuggeranong@gmail.com) and we'll try and organise to have it at either your next practice or at the game on Saturday. Now for the "weekend wrap":

 #  u7s had a good game against the Indians on Saturday scoring lots of runs and having fun on the field. Jeremy asked me to mention that the team has training on Wednesday at VP from 5.30 till 6.15; 
#  u9s played well to score a 26-18 win over Indians. Coach Gordon and Coach Joe are seeing big improvements each week and are encouraging the players to keep working on catching & throwing and learning the rules as the team prepared to move from the T to machine pitch. Team training is on Wednesday;
#  u13s played solidly for most of the game but got chased down in the final inning for a 1 run loss. You have a midweek game on Wednesday - good luck. As you learnt on the weekend you only need to be in front by one to win.....
#  u15s played its best game of the season in a much improved 6-4 loss to Eagles. The team played good catch, pitchers threw first pitch strikes and the batters made consistent contact at the plate. That gave the team the chance to run the bases and put pressure on the opposition, which we did well nearly taking the win off the second placed side. Training this week Wed & Fri 4.45 till 6.15.
#  u11s had a close 11-8 loss to Rebels White. The team is getting close to switching from machine pitch to player pitch. They are practising hard getting ready for the switch. Coach Mac & Coach Simon are getting back to me on about your game. I'll add your "wrap" as soon as its in.

 I also wanted to mention that the Club was invited to participate in a "Sports Gala" at Bonython Primary School last Friday (4Nov). We had over 100 K - Yr 6 kids participate and try their hand at baseball. They tried hitting, throwing and learnt about the equipment used to play the game. A big thank you to Karen Gill for inviting Vikings to be part of the day and Zac Rauter for his help running the drill and games.

Erni, Club Coach

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