Rego / Fees

1. All registrations are now online through the Baseball Australia registration page. Fee payments can be made with either Credit Card, Debit Card or through PayPal. 

2. Fee Payments are mandatory. Unfortunately both Baseball Australia and ACTBA have made it mandatory for all registration fees to be paid before a player can take the field. This is basically a NO PAY, NO PLAY system that we have been asked to enforce. We have asked that a Direct Debit option be put in place but at this point in time it has not been implemented.

3Fees. Your individual playing fee, which is charged by ACTBA and BA are itemised during the registration process. The additional Team fee charged by ACTBA, is not.
We are anticipating we will have 11 teams this season, 5 senior grades and 6 junior grades. The majority of the registration fee that we charge you as a player is paid to ACTBA, it is unfortunately not kept by our club.

2018/19 Playing fees have not increased this season.
U7/U9 - $200
U11/13/15/17 - $277
U18 - $340
Seniors - $475

If you require assistance during the registration process please direct you specific questions, through our club email address,