Wet Weather

If you wake up on Saturday/Sunday and it has been (or is) raining:

1. Check if ACT Grounds have all been closed. 
There is a link to ACT Ground Closures on the right-hand side of our page under "Useful links". If ACT has closed all public grounds, then any games not to be held at Viking Park, will be cancelled.

2. Check for notices on our blog.
If we are informed by ACTBA about any cancellations, they will be posted on the blog ASAP.

If ACT grounds are open, and we haven't posted any cancellation notices on the blog, then all teams are to go to the grounds designated for your game. You will be informed there by the ground manager whether games are cancelled for that field.

3. Vikings Park is not a public ACT ground, so any cancellation call for Saturdays at VP will be made by our Club President. Sundays will be decided by ACTBA Umpires.