30 November 2016

Vikings Juniors - Weekend "Round Up"(26 Nov)

In an exciting game, the u7s drew with the Bears 13-13. The Bears were short a few players so two Vikings (Bentley & Hamish) showed good sportsmanship volunteering to play with the other team to even things out. There were some big hits, and whilst some of the fielding didn't quite get there, in terms of execution Coach Jeremy was pleased with the efforts to get the ball where it needed to be. Playing for the opposition, Hamish had a great game and was awarded the 'player of the week' award.

The u9s chalked up a 5 run win over the Rebels. Coach Gordon was pleased to see the good running between the bases with the highlight of the game being the great batting performance of the players. The teams 'Spirit of the Game Award' this week went to Noah Schitskg - well done Noah.

 The u11s let the first couple of innings get away from them and with a batting performance not as consistent as in previous weeks , the team was on the wrong side of a 9-4 score line. On the positive side, Coach Mac and Coach Simon were really impressed with the fielding in the last couple of innings. The team has been practicing hard for the for the changeover from machine to player pitch.

 u13s played well and came away with a 14-1 win over Bears Red. Good pitching by Toby & Hector was backed up with some great team hitting highlighted by Khayne's triple and home run.

u15s found a way to get over the top of the Bears. Down 4-6 at the start of the bottom of the last inning with 2 out, the team produced some good hitting and great baserunning to fight back and record there third win of the season - a 7-6 walk off win!!!

Well done on the season so far to all the Vikings Juniors teams. With three games until the mid season break I thought a bit of information on hitting might be helpful.....

A good swing in baseball doesn’t need to be a powerful swing, especially when a player is new to the game. Getting a player to rotate their hips properly is the key to driving the ball, not the power of the swing. Have players start out in there batting stance and go through their hip rotation in slow motion — sometimes without even a bat in hand — before building up to full speed. Then move to the feet, making sure players pivot their back foot properly and in conjunction with their hips, gradually increasing the tempo with each cut. Then focus on the front foot, encouraging the player to land on the ball of his instep before dropping their heel as the hips begin to rotate through the ball. Focusing just on the footwork of a swing can help eliminate a bad habit many young players acquire: stepping away from home plate. (adopted from “A good swing doesn’t need to be a powerful swing”, David Wilson Bullpen Baseball Academy Lake Elsinore, Calif, GameChanger)

Erni, Club Coach

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