22 February 2017

DoveTail Bats Offer

Due to my long standing relationship with Vikings, Brett Fewson is offering this to Vikings as an introductory deal.
Following my discussions with Dovetail Bats in the US, they have set me up as a retailer here in Australia. As a result, this gives me flexibility in the prices and allows discounts as detailed below.
Turnaround is around 3-4 weeks (2 weeks for production and 1-2 weeks shipping and customs). Any colour combinations are possible, you can pick your own colour combination.
If a player orders 6 bats or more, there is no additional cost for their names to be engraved. Otherwise, all bats will be engraved with Professional Series. Names can be added to the bats for an additional $10 (this covers the setup cost of the machine)
All orders will be processed by myself and shipped to me. I will distribute to the club which will reduce the sale prices.
Please let me know if you want to proceed and I will provide payment details.
All Bats are MLB quality and have the endorsed MLB Mark, these are not seconds or lesser quality bats.
Details needed for order will be as follows: Brochure Link
Wood Type:
Finish (Gloss, Gloss Handle/Matte Barrel, Matte, Matte Handle/Gloss Barrel):
Handle Colour:
Barrel Colour:
Logo Colour:
Cupped (Yes / No)
Engraved Name (as per above instructions)
Landed Cost of Bats in AU Dollars (current estimate):
Maple $120.00
Birch $105.00
Ash $90.00
FUNGO’s $90.00 (with name engraved)
This is $30-$50 cheaper than recommended retail.
I am happy to take email orders, however I do have an order form that I can send through to you if you contact me with your interest. Also, attached is the DTB Catalogue to help you with your Bat selection.
Happy to discuss further should you have any questions.
Regards, Brett
DoveTail Australia
0450 424 454

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